behind the screen.

Hello there. This is my blog. Obviously. Anyways… hi. My name is Megan. Last name will not be revealed. As of now, I am thirteen years old. I know that’s young, but who cares? I think that I am mature and old enough to own a blog and run it without being immature and making no sense at all. I try my hardest to use the best grammar and spelling that I can. Everyone asks me to proofread their essays at school because apparently, I’m the one who does it best. When I’m older, I would love to become an author. I want to write books that would inspire people or maybe just books that people would simply adore. Sometimes I wonder… would a book of mine ever be good enough to be made into a movie? In the present, my mind keeps on doubting that those things will ever happen, but you never know. In the words of Ellie Goulding, anything can happen. One day could be completely different from the day before it. Anyways, this blog will be sort of a diary and/or journal to me. If you want to read, that’s fine, but if absolutely no one starts to read this blog, that’s okay. I am using this to let out my feelings whenever I need to. Sometimes blog posts could have a wide time span in between them. This is only for writing when I have something to write. This is a personal area. Another thing that I will be doing is episode reviews of television shows that have sparked my interest.